Saturday, February 13, 2010

all you need is a lengthy explanation

I don't watch a significant amount of television but what I do watch (House, the Office, football) all have a common denominator: Blackberry commercials.

Now, all of the subjects of said commercials are trying to achieve something whether it's forming a successful musical group or traveling back in time and learning how to break dance in preparation for that big Fresh Prince audition. The song in the ad, "All You Need is Love" and the tagline "Do what you love" are always the same. If only it were that simple Blackberry.

So, if it's true that "all" I "need" is, in fact, "love" then wtf do I need a crackberry for? Will it love me? Will love pay for that data plan? And how will the crackberry help me do what I "love?" By making phone calls? Sending texts? Googling things? Isn't this the same drab existence I have achieved with my shitty little flip phone that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?

And then, you want me to "do what I love" and yet provide me with exactly zero reasons why it is crackberry, and only crackberry that will help me reach this goal. Actually, what I would love is for you to stop defiling a perfectly classic Beatles song. And that "band" covering the song should be brought to a nice farm in the country, where it can live out the rest of it's days annoying only the crows and cornfields. It's like the marketing people at Blackberry were sitting around saying, "Sooooooo, what can beat the iphone? Umm, the Beatles?" Good one, team.

So I will keep doing what I love and loving what I do any only needing love. Keep trying Blackberry. Unless what you love is looking completely asinine.

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