Sunday, February 21, 2010

what's in a name?

It occurs to me that one can and should not name one's blog "daileyobservations" if one does not have the intention of blogging every day. Or at least every other day. Sheesh. But I resolve to do better,

Soooo, what to blog about today? (drums fingers) How about those Olympics, eh? Still going on for like another week. That's cool.

(flips through newspaper) Paper's sure looking thin. Not much going on there.

(stares blankly at computer screen.......blink.......blink)

Hmm, I may have the answer to my lack of dailey blogging problem. This is curious too as, I'm sure my friends could testify, I usually have a hard time keeping my trap shut for more than 45 seconds. And I relish being the center of attention. So why the e-writer's block? Laziness? Commitment issues (again!)? Trying to hard to be loved by the anonymous internet people? (I'm really starting to sound like I've got major issues. Sweet.)

I suppose the proper solution is just to write what I want, whenever I want it and the Internet People can take it or leave it. Aren't blogs really for our own satisfaction anyways? Like if we put it all out there, it's no longer in here and that makes us feel better for some reason?

Whatever the reason, I kinda like it, more than I thought I would. Mostly, I think I like the idea of sharing my quips and humorous observations with someone, anyone and this is the best venue to do so. As much as I love laughing at my own jokes, I like making other people smile a lot more.

Ahhhh if only I had a clever tagline. Maybe Paul Harvey can come up with one for me....

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